Hi there!

I am Karen. I am the mastermind behind both Betty Bluebird Homemade and Betty Bluebird Photography. I created these businesses out of necessity and because I am not really a sit behind a desk type of gal. I am very much a get your hands messy kind of gal! ;) Now here I am, spilling wax, mixing cement, playing in soil, and getting on the ground for that perfect angle. I am doing what comes naturally to me, and I couldn't be happier about that!

All of my homemade goods are made by my own hands. When I have to purchase plants or other business items, I try my best to support local businesses. Another HUGE aspect of my business is being eco-friendly. I make an effort to buy products that are reusable, recyclable, and compostable. I want to play a positive role on our planet.  Check out more information about my recycle back program on the Eco-Friendly tab above!

I also am a photographer. My degree is actually in photography. I set photography aside many years ago to focus on being a mom. Now I am back in the game! There is something wonderful about capturing sweet moments for clients. My son is a wonderful model, but I am sure he is glad that he is not the only one I am zooming in on these days!


Betty Bluebird Homemade absolutely has a meaning behind it. Most things I do, say, or create have a meaning behind them. 


Betty is a term surfers use when describing a female surfer. I was inspired to use a surfing term because I have a friend who loves to surf. Maybe I will give it a shot one of these days. I also grew up on the east coast, so the ocean has been a part of my entire life.


I am more of a snowboarder though. This is where the word bluebird comes into play. Skiers and snowboarders refer to a cloudless day as a bluebird day.


I enjoyed combining my friends' passion and my passion to come up with an adorable business name!