Betty Bluebird Homemade intentionally orders products from companies that supply recyclable packaging. EcoEnclose and Sustainable Packaging Industries are where a large source of packaging boxes comes from. The eco paper bags are purchased from Etsy sellers, such as Arioso Paperia and Tilde Party


The clear cello bags Betty Bluebird Homemade purchases are compostable. These are purchased through Clearbags. Whoo-hoo!

Many of Betty Bluebird Homemade's products are

wrapped in beautiful reusable cloth napkins. Yes, they can be used as a napkin, but they also can be used to replace wrapping paper. Get creative! 


Did you know you can reuse beeswax wraps in more ways than just wrapping up your food? Save it for your camping trip and use it as a fire starter. You can use it as a funnel or even as a gripper to open a jar too. So the next time you make a purchase from Betty Bluebird Homemade, and it contains beeswax wrap, remember not to just toss it in the trash!

Betty Bluebird Homemade has created an excellent recycling program that rewards you, the customer! Anytime you buy/receive and return the products below, you will receive up to $2 off your next purchase.

Oui Yogurt Jars
Used Modern Candle Jars
BBH Candle Jars
Paper Gift Bags 
Old Fabric
Old Shirts/Tees
BBH Packaging